5 Things To Expect When You Hire A Planner

5 Things To Expect When You Hire A Planner

What should you expect when you hire a planner for the first time?

Believe it or not, the majority of event clients are first timers when it comes to hiring someone to plan a party for them. Once upon a time, big celebrations were planned within a family or with the assistance of very close friends. But times have changed considerably within the last generation or two. Dual income households abound and with both adults in a household working, it leaves little or no time to think about planning an event. When you factor in the over the top amazingness that we have easy access to via Pinterest its easy to get overwhelmed by the IDEA of planning a party much less actually doing the planning. Hiring a planner is an easy way to have the celebration you really want with a whole lot less stress on the host.


Although ever planner will offer slightly different services & packages the list that follow is a good point of reference for what you can expect a planner to be willing and able to assist you with when you plan your next big bash.

Budgeting – Budget creation and management allows both you and your planner to have a firm grasp on both the total amount you are willing to spend to make your celebration happen. You can expect to work with them to break down your total budget by percentage to establish acceptable amounts to spend on various vendor’s services.

Venue Sourcing – Don’t want to host a wedding, birthday, or graduation in your backyard? You’re not alone! Finding a great location for your big bash is a huge part of your planner’s job. They will help you evaluate different potential venues in your area based on their packages & amenities. Expect them to focus the options they present you on both your desired budget percentage set aside for venue rental as well as the amenities each venue has to offer. No two venues are alike; they all have differing policies, procedures, & fee schedules. Planners will often know about venues you have never even heard of in your area or have access to specials run by the venues that you wouldn’t have knowledge of saving you both time and money.

Vendor Sourcing – There is no single more important aspect of a planner’s job than connecting a client with the right vendors to fit their vision for their big day. Because we network constantly (within our area event communities, nationally, & even internationally) we have the low down on vendors. We know who is the best at what they do in your area, who the up and comers are who can offer a greater value, who is running which specials this month, & most importantly which vendors to avoid.

Event Management – Whether it comes as part of a package you booked when you hired your planner or is offered to you as part of the planning process once you’ve developed a relationship with them, every planner will have some form of event management on their menu of services. Hiring your planner to manage your event is possibly the single greatest gift you can give yourself. Since you have walked through the planning process together they are familiar with each and every detail of your event and how you want things set up and handled. More then any other service planners offer, this allows clients to really relax and enjoy their celebrations from start to finish. All the details are taken care of so you can focus on your family, friends, & soaking up all the memories you’re making.

Etiquette – Not sure how to word an invitation? Trying to figure out how to handle the blending of multiple families for a big celebration? Unsure how to avoid inviting children to a wedding? Planners help families with these kind of details everyday. They excel in finding graceful & often creative solutions to your stickiest problems and help you implement them so that you come out looking like a gracious and loving host or hostess – no matter what the situation.

Hired a planner to help with your last big event? What was your favorite part of the process?

Whether you DIY your next big party or have a helping hand make sure you’re having fun while you’re doing it. #Celebrate Well Y’all!



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