Five Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day

Five Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day

Weddings, even the most laid back ones, are stressful by nature. They’re large, expensive, once in a life time parties that mix your nearest and dearest, two very different families who may not see eye to eye, throw in a few fractured family relationships and it can be a recipe for a Xanax prescription.

While there is no way to guarantee a perfect wedding day, here are a few tips and tricks that you can put in place leading up to your Big Day that will dramatically reduce your stress level and limit the possibilities for epic disaster:

  •   Beware Of Gifts Of Service – Any idea what causes the most frequent emergency situations on a wedding day? That aunt or cousin or your mom’s best friend who has offered to do something for you as their wedding gift  – that would be it. These kind, deeply well intention-ed souls, frequently hit stumbling blocks (someone gets sick, equipment they needed to perform the service they promised dies, they get lost on the way to the wedding…..) on people’s big day. They don’t mean to leave you with out a cake, nor do they plan to take all the pictures at your evening reception with their camera’s flash broken  – the unexpected just happens, leaving them heartbroken for breaking a promise to you. How can you avoid this? Tell them that you appreciate their thoughtfulness but you’ve got it covered. Contracting to hire a professional to provide the services you need for your big day is the safest way to be certain that things go as planned. After all, a cake from a grocery store that cost a little money but shows up on time looking great is better than a ‘Free’ custom creation that doesn’t make it to the weddingThe only thing worse then a family/friend/vendor not showing up with their FREE gift or service for your wedding is someone showing up with something like this. Thanks Cake Wrecks this picture makes my point better than any words could…
  •  Break In Your Shoes – Love the gorgeous shoes that you’ll wear to walk down the aisle? Good! Put those babies on and strut your bridal stuff around your home at least 20-30 min. a day for a week or two before your wedding. Even the most comfortable shoes can start to rub funny spots on our feet once they’ve been on for a while. Wearing them for a little bit each day gives you the chance to determine if you will need products for your feet to prevent blisters or some extra cushion to offset the height of your heels

Check out this brilliant video from Bridal Shoes TV on using shoe cushions to make your heels more comfortable.

  • Head Off Family Feuds – Terrified that relatives will have harsh words and ruin your party? The easiest way to get everyone in one room without worrying about spats or hair pulling is to have a seating chart for your reception. There are TONS of classy fun ways to direct groups of people to sit at certain tables far far away from anyone they don’t like. You’ll be less tense during your reception knowing that those who love each other least are furthest apart during the partyIsn’t this seating chart from Wedding Chicks just ah-mazing?!?  Stylish & capable of keeping those feuding family members on opposites of the room. Winning!
  • Have An Event Day Vendor Contact Sheet – One of the most important things you can do when you double check your vendors 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding is to create an event day contact sheet. You already have a method to contact the company providing your rentals, cake, DJ etc. but you may need a different contact on your wedding day. You need a direct cell number that will put you in touch with either the individual providing each service or a manager who can troubleshoot issues in case of an emergency on your wedding day not the head of sales for that company. This allows you, someone in the bridal party, or your family to directly give directions if a vendor get lost, or establish that disaster has occurred and you need a replacement  quartet, or DJ, or cake, or photographer before the wedding begins & its too late to replace the vendor or trouble shoot the problem.


  • Pack Your ‘Go Bag’ Days Not Hours Before – There are certain items you know you’ll need/wear on your big day; your Spanx, a sewing kit for emergencies, your shoes & jewelry. Undoubtedly you’ve got a cute tote bag or favorite backpack that you plan to haul those necessities around in until that moment where you make your final transformation from Everyday You to Bridal You. Please don’t pack this bag the night before the wedding! Between emotions running high, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, out of town guests who want just a few minutes of your time, & all that lovely potential family drama that tends to unfold around the union of two families, the last thing you need is to have to try to remember all the things you’ll desperately need on your Big Day as well as anything you really wanted to have too. Start packing two weeks before your Big Day. Put things in the bag that you won’t need until the wedding day first (sewing kit, garter set, jewelry, etc.).  As you get closer to the Big Day add things like your foundation garments & those shoes you’ve been breaking in as well as any last minute items. That way you just have to worry about grabbing the bag on your way out the door to your beauty appointments.
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