Last Weekend Of Summer BBQ

Last Weekend Of Summer BBQ

It’s finally here! In just a few more days my kids and I will bid “Goodbye” to yet another summer together and say “Hello” to our regular school year routine. There’s something about this last week of summer that gets to me every year. I feel this pull that’s almost magnetic to activities like extra play dates, more time in the pool, some extra sunscreen, and one last big bar-b-que with my nearest and dearest friends. One of my favorite ways to prep for a gathering like this is to hop on over to Pinterest to collect a few fresh ideas that look quick & easy.

Doesn’t this tablescape from All You feel perfect for an end of summer gathering? Since I always have lemons in my kitchen & I know I’ve got a few mason jars & bandannas hanging around my house it’ll be cheap and easy to recreate for our table.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a good back yard BBQ. Nothing says summer to me more than cooking over an open flame…especially since I do the prep and hubby does the actual cooking. (It’s the closest he comes to fixing dinner for our family so I revel in it and enjoy it to the utmost every chance I get this time of year, lol.) I have some all time summer favorite bar-b-que main dishes & sides but I also like to change things up from time to time and keep a fresh flow of recipes and ideas.

Here are my picks for a fun & easy last weekend of the summer BBQ Bash:

 Don’t these beer & honey chicken skewers from jo cooks look amazing! What a fabulous mix of sweet and savory flavors – yum. I’m a huge fan of skewers when it comes to bbq-ing since I have two kids under the age of eight in my house. Having the main protein in our meal cut into small pieces makes it that much easier to serve to little hands.

I don’t know if you have any picky eaters in your house but my four year old won’t touch many veggies. My only prayer of getting her to eat anything green is if she has a hand in making it. This recipe for grilled zucchini from The Pioneer Woman is perfect since all the effort it takes from me is slicing zucchini and turning it over to my ‘little helper’ for shaking in a plastic bag filled with lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper. Winning at dinner and parenting at the same time – YES!


I have a potato salad recipe that Hubby, the kids & I all love that has been passed down in my family but its my standard go to & the end of summer calls for a bit of adventure (even if its only a culinary one). Since this delicious looking Loaded Potato Salad  from This Is My Key West is filled with things like bacon and cheese that I adore and try to severely limit in my every day diet its the perfect end of summer splurge.

And to top it all off – Dessert! Hubby’s family considered a bar-b-que incomplete without some grilled pineapple on the menu when he was growing up. I’d never had it before I met him & now I’m a passionate devotee of the stuff & its become a summer fave of mine. I’ve never tried it with a cinnamon honey drizzle like the one in this recipe from Wine & Glue but it looks amazing. I can hardly wait – YUM!

Finally, what to do with a yard full of sad looking grass when you’re about to have a group of people hanging around in the back yard for an evening? I LOVE this idea from Photo Card Cafe. With a bit of my left over spray paint and a few minutes before everyone comes over I can hide a few of the brown spots in the lawn & create something that will keep the kids to playing outdoors where we can keep an eye on them (instead of running around destroying the house with ten thousand toys) while we raise a glass of beer or wine to celebrate sending them off to school on Monday.

How are you spending the last weekend of your summer? Whether you’re planning a quick road trip to make the most of the last few days, hanging around by the pool soaking up some extra sunscreen and rays, or having a few friends over to play, like me, remember to #CelebrateWell.


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