Ode To Modge Podge

Ode To Modge Podge

Of all the crafting and décor supplies that exist there is likely not a single item I use more frequently or consistently than Modge Podge.


In case you are unfamiliar with this little gem of a crafting supply, its a waterbased sealer glue & finish all rolled into one. You can buy it at any Walmart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby store.

Because I am always on a budget when I’m doing my own projects, or working with clients who have a budget in mind,  it comes in super handy since it’s a low cost adhesive that works well on wood, glass, canvas, tile, plastic & tons of other surfaces. You can use it with fabric, paper of all kinds, and my most favorite item of all GLITTER! I am an unashamed glitter lover and there is nothing better for getting glitter to stick to something and not shed all over creation that Modge Podge.

In the past my assistant (the brilliantly creative Danyelle) & I have used it to:

Embellish Vases

Create Unique Wooden Signs For Couples


Make  Manequin Heads Fancier For Our Bridal Show Booth

Embellish Tables

And do about a million other fun projects as well.

What is your favorite variation on Modge Podge? I tend to be a devotee of the classic versions girl but I deeply love the gloss version as well. Do you have a favorite project you’ve done with Modge Podge? I’d love to hear about it.

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