Style Profile – A Military Romance


Style Profile – A Military Romance

A Military Romance

A Military Romance

The Couple: Linda Celestino & Mark Cooper

Venue : The MCL Grand Theatre, Lewisville, Texas

Desired Styling: Simple, Elegant, With A Hint of Vintage Americana

Budget: $

High Priority: A Whimsical Heartfelt Ceremony & A Reception With A Party Atmosphere


Marine Sweethearts Linda & Mark Cooper At Their Sweetheart Table.

Marine Sweethearts Linda & Mark Cooper At Their Sweetheart Table.

Each wedding we work on has elements of the unique about it but this wedding stood out from the beginning. Any planner who has been in business for a few years will have the opportunity to work on a military wedding sooner or later but a wedding for a couple who are BOTH Marines currently serving our country, now that’s a special occasion!

The Colors

The couple, Linda & Mark, were originally married in a small private ceremony with the bride’s father officiating prior to the birth of their daughter. Once their baby was a few months old they decided that they wanted to host a larger ceremony & reception, within the year, offering friend’s and family an opportunity to celebrate their union and the family they had made. The red shirt Mark wore on the day of their original ceremony became the inspiration for the wedding’s color palette. The bride also requested on the invitation that guests wear the color in celebration of their love.

Red Details Throughout The Wedding Honored The Couple's Original Ceremony

Red Details Throughout The Wedding Honored The Couple’s Original Ceremony

The Styling

In early meetings Linda & her wedding planner, Lead Event Designer Amanda Travis, struggled establishing an overarching theme or style for the decor. Linda’s personal style leaned toward the clean classic looks that developed the black, white, and red color palette & the centerpiece design featuring square vases with red roses. She was drawn to simple looks and minimalism but also wanted to incorporate lace and some sort of other vintage element to her Big Day. The team struggled with finding the right fit until – they stumbled onto the Coca Cola logo!

The logo first came into play when the bride suggested doing a Coca Cola toast,  as a non-alcoholic toast option , instead of using champagne during the event. When her event designer & planner suggested using the logo throughout the event to bring a vintage Americana feel to the decor it became the bridge that allowed the blending of the modern & vintage style elements Linda had loved from the beginning. By incorporating the logo in a few key areas : favors packaged in individual size Coca Cola drinking gasses, a vintage style metal sign hanging on a custom created palette backdrop, & using a vintage Coca Cola crate as the cake stand, the wedding found the perfect blend of vintage meets classic modern style that the bride was looking for.


The Ceremony & Reception

The bride’s father, Reverend Robert Celestino, performed a highly personalized ceremony that was a truly a joy to witness. Using a perfect balance of wisdom & humor he led the couple through a customized series of responses during their vows that both spoke to the heart of the commitment they were making as well as the challenges that marriages face.

The backdrop, designed by Amanda, using 14 inch paper poms and 3 inch red satin ribbon offered a low cost but visually impactful focal point for the ceremony.

By having the ceremony & reception take place in the same room back to back with no floor plan change over between them the couple saved money versus having to pay for multiple venues or staffing for moving furniture between the two sections of the event. Family & friends watched from their seats at table set around the room as Mark & Linda exchanged their vows.

Guests were treated to a nacho bar appetizer station and an open bar while the couple slipped outside with photographers and family to capture special memories. The couple kept the menu simple familiar & child friendly by offering an upscale hand cut fajita station at dinner with traditional Tex-Mex sides. A family friend supplied both the wedding cake and the grooms cake as a gift.

A Review From The Bride

A Relaxed & Happy Bride On Her Wedding Day Is A Beautiful Sight

A Relaxed & Happy Bride On Her Wedding Day Is A Beautiful Sight

Amanda is talented & extremely creative. I didn’t just have the perfect wedding, I had the perfect wedding planner!!! She is a delight to be around & made it easy to trust her with my big day.

-Linda Cooper


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