Translating Theme Into Décor


Translating Theme Into Décor

One of the most common reasons clients consult with an event planner is because they have a theme and a few ideas in mind for an important event but they have no clue how to tie those elements together in harmony to give their event a distinct look and flavor. Today I’m going to take you on a walk through my brain, LOL, and show you how I use a two-step design process, word association brainstorming, for creating a unified look & feel for my client’s events.

The event featured is a corporate event I designed centerpieces for this week.

The Client : ASM Waypoint

Desired Theme : Texas Hill Country

Budget : $

Specific Request : Incorporate Our New Logo’s Colors Into The Event


Step One : Brainstorm Word Associations With Theme

Texas                                                                    Hill Country

Cowboys                                                             Wildflowers

Boots                                                                    Rivers

Mocking Bird                                                      Rustic

Yellow Rose Of Texas                                     Hunting

Horses                                                                  Cows


After considering the words that I associated with the theme I zeroed in on a few words that I felt would best help direct my creative process.

 I used the words : Boots, Horse, Rustic, Rivers & Wildflowers to help me select materials and as inspiration for my design.

Step Two:  With my inspiration words fresh in my mind I started looking for design ideas. I turned to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration but also ran out and grabbed a mixed bouquet at my local wholesaler so that I could mock up a few original ideas in my own kitchen.  I kept the look of all the elements I used rustic & natural, photographing possible combinations that I thought might appeal to the client.

These were the design sample concepts I offered up for the client’s approval based on their theme & budget for the event:

IMG_2163 (1) masonjar1 cocktail1

IMG_2159 (1) boot

Once the clients had selected their favorite looks I began working on ways in incorporate the color spectrum of their new logo into the final décor designs so that both the Texas Hill Country theme & their new logo’s colors would harmonize in the final product.

Here is the result:  

   IMG_2371 Waypoint-Logo_Color_073015

Rustic Design Elements : Wood Slices, River Rocks, Mason Jars, Burlap Ribbon, Wildflowers

Texas Elements : Yellow Rose Of Texas, Boots

-Explanation Of Design Elements –

Choosing rustic vessels, like the boot and the mason jars, to house the arrangements gave a distinctly Texan flair to the florals for this event. The thistle incorporated the color spectrum of blues featured in the company’s new logo and the burlap ribbon incorporated the one shade of blue in the logo that I couldn’t find in nature. Combining the yellow roses into the arrangements offered an iconic nod to Texas culture and history but also provided a fantastic pop of color into what could have otherwise been a monochromatic design had I focused only on the colors in the logo for inspiration.

The vases on a wooden base with river rocks & floating candles lent ambiance to the tables. The multiple rustic textures in these centerpieces further developed the rustic look the client wanted while keeping them within their budget.

What do you think…did I capture the spirit of the Texas Hill Country? And if you’re feeling inspired to create a little design of your own using this method send me a pic – I love to see how other people expand a concept, interpret it in their own way,  and create something new! But whatever you do, continue to #CelebrateWell!

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